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Apr. 19th, 2015

Sometimes I get bored and tired of my friends issues/drama. I feel like such an asshole because all real. However, I have my own drama that I'm dealing with and I can't be constantly worried about your triggers as well as mine. I am working on being a better friend.

2012 so far

I went to China y'all! It was freaking amazing! And I made new MBA friends. This trip was 10days of none stop go go go. But I still made time to party. How often does one come to China, I couldn't very well spend all that time couped up in my hotel room now could I. The one thing that I didn't care too much for in mainland China was the fact that I couldn't get on twitter. We all know that twitter is my crack, however they have their own social media website so Facebook and twitter are none existent over there. However I was able to use G+ and Foursquare(I am now a mayor of 2 Chinese hotels :))
I got a slight crush on one of my classmates, but that is neither here nor there. It was just nice to feel something again. I was beginning to feel as if I were dead inside, ok maybe not that dramatic. 
Hong Kong was awesome, I wouldn't mind working there, or at least visiting there again. I met some many awesome people. I met a guy named Ian from Liverpool. Pretty cute too a lot older than I would go for but he really didn't look his age. The people there were so nice and friendly. 
All in all the party scene in mainland china(Beijing) and Hong Kong is like any club in America on crack. There are so many people there that although we went out on a work day there are enough people who don't have to be at work that the place will still be packed
Today I had a job interview. I think it went as well as to be expected. I don't have a lot of experience with SPSS and other analytic tools. Most places ask for experience but how can I get experience if no one is willing to take a chance on me? I am hoping that this turns out to be the place for me. I have done my research and I do think there is a person/organization fit. I like what they do and what they stand for. Meeting with one of the director's in HK also helped me understand what they do a lot better. 
Oh well its all in God's hands now. The only thing I can do now is wait. 


Is it wrong that when I see these young people post photos of their engagement rings I immediately judge the size of the diamond?
Does that make me shallow? I am not saying I want a Joy Bryant forgiveness rock or a Kim Kardashian engagement ring, i'm just saying I want people to be able to easily spot the rock on my finger as opposed to having to search for it. 
 no one updates anymore :(

well I got a new phone and a new computer. that is all

moving forward

So in January I got a dui, but I feel that the event and everything that followed helped get to the point I am at right now. I feel like I have matured. I feel like I have really grown up. I am now ready to move forward with my life and goals. I got into UD and Xavier kind of excited about that. its going to take me a bit longer than I thought but if i do everyting correctly and take advantage of everything ud has to offer I will be more successful the second time around.
short and sweet!


so i made it another year. Good for me! there are too many things that I need to do differently for 2009 to be a more successful one that last and i believe I am taking a step in the right direction. I have registered to take some grad courses at Wright State University. I am going to be taking those classes while I prepare for the gmat. This will be also a step toward moving out of Ohio or at least the Dayton area. Going to school will make me feel like I have a purpose. I understand this is my "springtime of youth" and I am allowed to have fun, but I need a plan, I need a purpose in life. I have let myself go since I really don't see new people anymore. I recently stepped on the scale and I am getting dangerously close to 200lbs. Having a purpose in life, doing something productive with my days will also give me not just the motivation but the energy. Unlike the past years I am now more focused on my future. I know I am not getting any younger. I am no longer at that stage where its cool to just be a bum and do nothing. I am now an adult, I need to start visualizing myself as an adult.
So wish me luck with school. I start on Tuesday. And I will be taking one of Rachel's ultimate favorite business class...that right ACCOUNTING!

Making history

Today My faith has been reestablished in the American people. All the petty shit that i have in my life is minor compared to the greatness that has occurred tonight. I know that if this amazing thing can happen, anything is possible. All I can say is this YES WE CAN!!!
HE DID IT !!!!!

side note: Quantum of Solace is coming out very VERY soon.

oh life

Live Journal tells me that its been 14 weeks since my last update so here goes. its October 14th, I graduated may 4th and I am still sitting on my ass looking for a job. I guess what I need to do is just still apply for corporate jobs but also look into other jobs. I guess now is the perfect time since many stores are looking for seasonal workers. The way i saw my life was that at this time I would at least have an apartment. I guess a good aspect of this no job thing is that I have time to try to work on my physical and mental state. I am trying to get back into shape. I would like to be at a decent weight by my birthday (November 21). I figured out who my real friends are. That people can say whatever they want to you face, but in the end actions speak louder than words. Its really a lesson that people throw out every now and then but you never think that it will ever apply to the people you think are true. I don't know its just good to know this.
On a lighter note...I am in love with Donnie Klang his cd is fun fun fun! Oh and Shia Labeouf he has grown into quite the little man.

finally done

So I am finally done with Zach Wilson. I am not going to sit around and wait for him to make is mind up. One of the things I had asked him in was if he was hooking up with other people and he said no, but girls don't drive 10 hours just to hang out with some guy they aren't messing with. And the thing is he doesn't get it at all. Like if he was just honest with me bad or good then we can all move on with our lives. He has been hanging out with this girl Maria lately and she is really nice and all but I think she is the reason why I didn't get an invite to his 4th of july party. If I didn't ride with Susie to E-money's thing then I wouldn't have gone. Well it really sux now because I guess I can barely hangout with the guys anymore.Good thing the school year is about to start. One I need a job and two I need to make new friends. Zach ruins everything. 

Work and Such

       So I was off the first 2 weeks in June because the vice president said that he wasn't going to be in town. I was promised that on the 16th I would start doing real work. I would so sales calls and possible get to know more about the other projects going on in the company. I was really excited about that and agreed to take the 2 weeks off. The 30th of May was also pay day I was underpaid by $200.00. I talked to the president of the company and he said not to worry that he would put it on the next pay period.
On the 16th they tell me there isn't shit for me to do, I should fine something for the next 3-6months and then they will call me. I called the president and had a meeting with him today. He assured me that I still had a job and that everything would be fine, when I asked him for my pay check he said "talk to the other guy" I called the other guy today and he tells me there is a discrepency in the hours I gave them. That fat fucking bitch is trying to paint a negative image of me.
The question here is why would I lie about my hours? I know for a fact that I was there, I missed out on some good drinking sessions just so I can go to "work". That fat bitch is still pissed off that I am not her fucking secretary. $200.00 really? That can barely pay by my phone bill so why would I lie to an employer about money, when my job will involve dealing with large sums of money. Whatever Fuck them! I don't need to deal with people that would doubt my character and my integrity.
    About Mr Wilson, I am tired. I refused to let him play me. I let him in which was so very very stupid of me so l quit.



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